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Alice Vittrant Université de Provence, Aix-en-Provence Directional Serial Verb Construction in Burmese and Arakanese dialects

Amara Prasithrathsint Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok Lexicalization of syntactic constructions in Thai

Anne Daladier LACITO, CNRS, Paris A preliminary classification of the Mon-Khmer languages of India and Bangladesh

Antoinette Schapper Universiteit Leiden Demonstratives and non-embedded nominalisations in the Papuan languages of South-east Indonesia

Antonia Soriente Università degli Studi di Napoli l'Orientale Punan and Penan languages of Borneo: Are they related?

Åshild Næss Universität Zürich (not presenting)

Atsuko Utsumi Meisei University, Tokyo Applicative Construction in the Bantik Language: Descriptive and typological discussion

Austin Hale SIL Nepal (not presenting)

Bernard Comrie MPI EVA, Leipzig & UC Santa Barbara Southeast Asia is a Linguistic Area - but how typical are Southeast Asian languages?

Brian Migliazza SIL International (not presenting)

Chang Qizhong University of Southern California, Los Angeles Copula deletion in Singapore English

Christian Bauer Humboldt-Universität, Berlin Painters and scribes: Rethinking Old Mon

Danh Thành Do-Hurinville CNRS and INALCO, Paris A study of the Vietnamese marker

David Bürgin Universität Zürich (not presenting)

David Mortensen University of Pittsburgh A phonological sketch of Sorbung, an undescribed language of Manipur

David A. Peterson Dartmouth College Potential marking in Bangladesh Khumi

Denis Paillard Université Paris Diderot Contribution to the study of the final reinforcement particles in Khmer - study of the particles /sah/ and /laej/

Dipima Buragohain Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi Ancient manuscript literature of Tai Ahom

Eh Nyotkhampeuy Mon-Khmer Languages Project, CRCL (not presenting)

Elisabeth Sara Ginsburg SOAS, University of London (not presenting)

Eric Drewry Azusa Pacific University The uses and users of the Miao script

George Bedell Payap University, Chiang Mai Matu relative clauses

Giang Ha Le University of Southern California, Los Angeles English loan words in Vietnamese newspapers

Hein Steinhauer Universiteit Leiden, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen Deictic categories in three languages of Eastern Indonesia

Helena Hasler Universität Zürich (not presenting)

Hsiu-chuan Liao National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan The development of so-called “Instrumental Focus” verbs in Philippine languages

James Gruber Georgetown University Measures of phonemic voice quality in the Burmese tonal contrast

Joel Prokopchuk Universität Zürich (not presenting)

Joseph Deth Thach SEDYL, INALCO-CNRS-IRD, Paris A study of the particle ka: in Khmer

Juliette Huber Universiteit Leiden The verbal complex in Makalero (East Timor)

Jürgen Martin Burkhardt SIL International (not presenting)

Justin Watkins SOAS, University of London Topicalisation, focus-clefts and stranded prepositions in Wa

Karen H. Ebert Universität Zürich (not presenting)

Karin Zeibig SIL International (not presenting)

Kitima Indrambarya Kasetsart University, Bangkok Quantifiers in Thai

Lev Morev Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow The Tai languages: From lexical to grammatical

Lila San Roque MPI Nijmegen Demonstratives and non-embedded nominalisations in the Papuan languages of South-east Indonesia

Makoto Minegishi Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Verb subclassification in Thai based on syntactic phenomena

Manfred B. Sellner Universität Salzburg Numeral classifiers in Lua

Marc Brunelle University of Ottawa The role of the iambic-trochaic law in iambicity and monosyllabization in Mainland Southeast Asia

Marc Duval Universität Zürich About a redundancy feature in East Asia: Psy-collocations and beyond

Martha Ratliff Wayne State University, Detroit A snapshot of the Hmong-Mien protolanguage

Mathias Jenny Universität Zürich and INALCO, Paris Between South and Southeast Asia - adverbial clauses in Burmese

Matthias Gerner City University of Hong Kong A framework for historical change of word groups in Southeast Asian languages

Michael Nadig Universität Zürich (not presenting)

Michel Ferlus Independent researcher The Austroasiatic vocabulary for rice: Its origin and expansion

Nancy Renning Universität Zürich (not presenting)

Narinthorn Sombutnon Behr Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok (not presenting)

Natchanan Yaowapat Kasetsart University, Bangkok On the choice of the discourse deictics /nîi/ and /nân/ in Thai

Natsuki Matsui Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok Adverbial phrases in Thai: Manner, resultative, and depictive interpretations

Nerida Jarkey University of Sydney It’s all about me: The centrality of the Actor in canonical ‘transitive’ coding in White Hmong

Nikolaus P. Himmelmann Universität zu Köln Intonation in Indonesian languages

Nina Widjaja University of Calgary Indonesian number marking mechanisms: Evidence from Native Speaker Judgment Task

Noëllie Bon Université de Lyon 2, DDL (not presenting)

Paul Sidwell Centre for Research in Computational Lingustics (Bangkok) Proto Palaungic phonology: reconstructing vowel lengths and qualities in a partially restructured system

Phattharathanit Srichomthong Maejo University, Chiang Mai Identity maintenance of Lanna - North Thailand in globalization

Philippe Grangé Université de La Rochelle, France Parallel composition and semantic parallelism in Lamaholot (East Indonesia)

Pittayawat Pittayaporn Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok Final particles meet boundary tones: The case of Bangkok Thai

Rachel Weymuth Universität Zürich (not presenting)

Ramon M. Escamilla UC, Berkeley Chungli Ao descriptions of cutting and breaking (C&B) events, and implications for typology

Sascha Völlmin Universität Zürich (not presenting)

Shanthi Nadarajan Universiti Malaysia Sarawak Sarawak languages in transition: Between Malay and Bidayuh reduplications

Songgot Paanchiangwong Udon Thani Rajabhat University, Thailand A comparative study of numeral phrase structure between Vietnamese and Thai

Stefan Hofstetter Universität Tübingen Comparison in Thai: European patterns in a language from Southeast Asia

Tamara Pogibenko Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow Reconstructing AA morphology: Did proto-AA have markers of dependent predication?

Thananan Trongdee Mahasarakham University, Thailand The conceptual extendedness of ‘excrement’ in Lao, Thai, Malay and Chinese

Theeraporn Ratitamkul Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok Discourse contexts and referential choices: Subjects in narratives of Thai-speaking children

Theraphan L. Thongkum Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok A comparison between the speech of brass-coiled necked and non-brass-coiled necked Kayan speakers: An acoustic study

Tobias Weber Universität Zürich and Universität Leipzig Some notes on the complexity of Southeast Asian languages

Trang Phan University of Sheffield Aspect exposed: On the syntactic representation of tense and aspect in Vietnamese

Tue Trinh Massachussetts Institute of Technology Bias and the performative prefix - a view from Vietnamese

Uri Tadmor De Gruyter Mouton, Berlin (not presenting)

Ying Ying Tan Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Prosodic prominence in Malay

Yoshihisa Taguchi Chiba University Cao Kong Meng - Another clue to the Proto-Mienic